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Default Re: Winter Soldier: Bionic arm or not?

A domino mask doesn't hide your identity in real life, you kinda have to give Cap that sort of Lois Lane stupidity for his best friend with a domino mask. Now if you give him a full mask/goggly combination, then I could see some changes there, otherwise it should be like the GL film: "I'm not going to not recognize you just because you hide your cheekbones."

But the Bionic arm should DEFINITELY be there. Did I say definitely? DEFINITELY. It's what puts him on par with Cap. Let him do cool stuff like catch the SHIELD "Been a long time since I used this" punch through walls and throw cap a few dozen yards. I'd also prefer seeing it as more of a robotic arm (not being shaped like a biological arm), to add to the realism, but I doubt any Bucky fans would agree.

Regardless, it could be tied to Hyrda's tech they had in WWII, or to the Chitauri tech that fell from the sky. Either is an improvement to using Stark's nanotech to make an arm that doesn't have nanotech properties.

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