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Default Re: Who would you let Joss Whedon kill in Avengers 2?

"Killing" JARVIS would be a stroke of genius, but nowhere near the impact of Coulson.You need an Avenger to die, and you need to be able to bring them back. That's pretty much Thor, although he kinda died already in his own movie, it was as a mortal human, I think seeing him killed while super would be a pretty epic moment, especially if the death sticks through the end of the movie, then they bring him back in Thor 3: Ragnarok using Asgardian Tech!Magic. Bonus points if they set up such technology in Thor 2.

Unfortunately, killing Cap and Fury doesn't leave the team without a leader, because they still have Iron Man, who is already planning an Avengers tower and leading the cast offscreen. The leaderless thing won't fly. As stated, none of the red shirt deaths will pop, and IM's not expendable. Killing the Hulk might have a similar effect as Thor, though not as emotional because he doesn't have as many/strong attachments, but then you're out a Hulk permanently, and it kinda goes against Hulk being this unstoppable entity.

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