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Default Re: The Official Batman Returns Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by Homer J. Fong View Post
If Batman Returns were a more literal film than it is, the tag of Catwoman apparently having survived would probably be a problem.
It's not a problem that she did survive. Some just seem galled at the notion that she could have supernatural abilities where she survived four gun shots and she was ok afterward.

It's not even a matter of her surviving. If she had taken the shots to non fatal parts of her body like her arms or legs she would still be unable to be running around prowling rooftops in her Catwoman costume.

I don't get this expressionism point. Selina vanished in the electrical inferno in Penguin's lair. Batman never found her body. Just Schreck's. The movie showed at the end that not only did she survive, but she was out on the prowl as Catwoman again.

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