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Default Re: Why didn't Gordon arrest the Joker when they had him surrounded?

Originally Posted by drsmoo
The Police had the Joker surrounded, he threatened the hospital and then they all left, as opposed to going in and arresting him.

Another scene that makes no sense is when Batman saves Rachel from being thrown out the window. The two of them are completely relaxed even though the Joker was still up there (at least as far as they knew).
My brother misinterpreted this as well--there is a shot of black SUVs rolling up to the tanker the Joker is holding Lau in. After we saw the movie he asked me why those cops who surrounded the Joker didn't take him out. It wasn't until I rewatched the movie that I realized he mistook these black SUVs, which we are supposed to interpret as belonging to the Chechen and his men, as belonging to the police. That is because it goes jump cuts from Gordon organizing his men to take out the Joker, to the black SUVs rolling up.

However we see later after the Joker makes his threat that Gordon is still in whatever room he was in organizing his men and he says, "We gotta go get Reese", etc.

Originally Posted by VenomShock View Post
Only problem with that is that it shouldn't have been so easy for the Joker and his goons to escape. What with Batman (at the very least) being his doorman and all. That's one of the flaws that I thought this movie had. The cut from that scene despite no explanation for the Joker's escape bugs me.
In the script (Page 66) there is a little transitional scene thrown in there where the Joker hears police sirens so him and whatever goons were left flee the Penthouse in a car. It was never filmed, though, I don't think. It goes:

THE DRIVER screams as Batman and Rachel hit the roof- ROLL down the windshield- onto the pavement. Alive.


The Joker looks back as his car SPEEDS away. He's breathing hard, EXHILARATED. He touches the blood running down his sweaty white makeup. SMACKS the back of the driver's seat--


What do we do about Dent?


I'm a man of my word.
Why it was cut I'm not sure, since it has caused numerous people to complain about the plot hole in the resulting movie and would have only added another 10-15 seconds to the movie, max.

There was another good line they cut out of the ending for some reason at the end.

Dent: ...And the only morality in a cruel world is chance. Unbiased. Unprejudiced. Fair.

Batman: Nothing fair ever came out of the barrel of a gun, Harvey.
Sent shivers down my spine when I read it. Not sure why they cut that one particular line out as it is pretty great...

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