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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters: Official Discussion - Part 6

Originally Posted by BatsnCats View Post
Mcfarlane makes absolute crap which is why I won't bite on buying the ward figure. It was one scene and they still didn't get the pose right. He wasn't receiving he was catching a kickoff.
The Gotham Rogues Hines Ward is just a straight repaint of an earlier Hines Ward figure they released AND this one isn't even movie accurate uniform .. in the movie the jersey says 'Gotham' NOT 'Gotham City'... even Under Armour screwed up their jerseys .. the 'limited edition' ones they had say 'Gotham Rogues' on it!! Seriously, make it movie accurate or don't bother! I don't care if it's a rehash pose that isn't even in the movie, the not accurate uniform bugs me more .. that being said, I'll still buy one because I was never able to get ANY Gotham Rogues merchandise thanks to Under Armour NOT SHIPPING their 'exclusive limited edition' merch outside the States ...

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