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Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Yup, he sure is.

Don't know why everyone's getting excited about some of the worst of 80s Marvel excesses. Kurse was created by the friggin' Beyonder, a ridiculous super-uber with a bad 80s perm who was designed purely as the guide character for Secret Wars, Marvel's early 80s version of an idealized video game before we had, you know, decent video game consoles to work with. And Kurse wound up battling and losing to the Power Pack.

The. Frickin'. Power. Pack.

Yup, a bunch of Saturday morning cartoon kiddies beat the crap out of the almighty Kurse.

Hell, Kurse was even a joke in Marvel Ultimate Alliance. He paired off with Ulik in Niflheim, and your party beats Kurse down in, like, three hits average, while Ulik proves to be an actual challenge.

Sure am glad that Surtur will wind up being the main villain in T:TDW. Kurse and Malekith are just regrettable throwaways from the bad old days of 80s Marvel.
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Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
All know is, Thor's fight with Kurse better be one of the best one on one fights out of all of the MCU films so far.
Sure will be

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
I'm sure it'll be a decent slugfest.
But wouldn't you rather see Thor go toe-to-toe with Surtur in the climax?
Especially if that climax includes Surtur already knocking Heimdall, a redemption-seeking Loki, and even Odin himself out of the fight? With just Thor left, to take on the fire demon lord one on one?
Climax for Thor 3, yeah

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