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Default Re: How will Clark being found by the Kents be handled?

Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
Really, in a rural town, especially a rural town circa 20+ years back? Its really not a problem for two upstanding members of the local community to go "we found this baby by the side of the road, abandoned. Can we keep him?" Sure, it wouldn't be a next-day adoption, but it hardly stretches credibility that they'd be allowed to take care of the baby for the interim unless the real parents show up, and then six months later, be made full and official parents.

( Hell, they could probably go "This is Martha's baby, he was born out at our farm," and even without the three month blizzard, it'd probably be accepted; the assumption at first would be "some friend or relative had an unfortunate unmarried pregnancy, they are taking responsibility for the kid" ), there's no place in the US where that could happen.

The miscarriage idea is intriguing. If they built it up and then made it a very emotional loss, it could be hugely impactful when they find baby Clark, giving their relationship a whole new feel.

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