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Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
probably gunna be hela, since that woman was cast as an unrecognizeable character....maybe Hela will be the one who turns Algrim to Kurse.

Hela rules over hel, and if Algrim is to die....hear me out. He goes to Hel, gets revived into the land of the living by Hela, and she turns him into Kurse. I find it likely, with this recent casting news, that Hela will be in it.

So we got Malekith, Kurse, possibly Hela,

and as far as Sam is concerned...Surtur, that's way too much. I am sure Surtur will be referenced, maybe have a scene AND most definitely an after credit scene, but throwing him in as the main villain with this other stuff going on. Seems to unlikely. Surtur can carry a movie by himself
I certainly agree that Alice Krige might be playing Hela, and your story about her finding Algrim in the underworld and powering him up is certainly plausible. Like others, though, I wonder about Krige's comment about being "unrecognizable" --- for Hela? Really? Hela doesn't require a ton of makeup/prosthetics. She's a typical hot villainess in a creepy mask.

But here's my question to you, and all of you, who say "save Surtur for Thor 3": why? I see Thor 3 returning almost exclusively to Earth, showing Thor as a superhero, as Stan Lee intended, not a god wandering distant worlds. That's what Thor 2 is for --- to establish who Thor is and where he comes from. After that, he needs to start acting more like the earthly defender that he is in the comic books. There's still tons of earth-based iconic villains he still has to want to wait until Thor 4, Thor 5 or later for that? There's no promise that the franchise will even last that long, especially if the setting remains too far detached from Midgard.

And why do you (all of you, in general) think that Surtur requires a whole 'nother movie for setup and resolution of conflict? Surtur is one of Thor's greatest bad guys, but hey, so is Joker for Batman, and he's never required more than 2 movies per reboot. Fire giant demon lord of Muspellheim, fated to slay Odin and destroy Asgard: got it. That does *not* require more than a few minutes of exposition and backstory. All it requires is a *****in' boss battle, the best one Thor ever faces.


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