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Originally Posted by Chewy View Post
Malekith kidnapping Jane . . .
(BTW, I agree with Chewy's complete paragraph that this is enough material for a movie).

I'm not completely certain this is the way they will set up the confrontation between Thor and Malekith via his champion, Algrim.

In the original story (disclaimer: I have not actually read the source material, just plot synopses. Any mischaracterization is unintentional), Lorelei is kidnapped. Thor is interested in her, but only because there is a spell on him. (Lorelei had prepared a potion to cause this. Malekith arranged for Thor to drink the potion, and then told him he had kidnapped "Melodi", Lorelei's Earth identity). Thor goes to Malekith's realm to rescue her, and he is off his game because of the spell, and so Algrim is able to surprise him.

Anyway, the analogy to the MCU is not entirely apt. Thor has genuine feelings for Jane (which various people have been characterizing as a crush, but no matter), not spell-induced.

Also in the Simonson run is a bit about additional spells (from Loki) on Thor to love Lorelei, which causes trouble with his then-love Sif. So if they translate this angle to the MCU, maybe you have some spell for a Thor-Sif relationship (which gets talked about on these fora from time to time). But honestly, that does not do Sif's character justice (and I say that as a pro-Jane person).

The love potion thing is kind of campy, and the idea of kidnapping one's love interest is so cliche. So maybe there's some other McGuffin that gets Thor down to Malekith's neck of the woods.

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