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Default Re: Man Of Steel Soars @ Comic Con - Part 3

Originally Posted by flickchick85 View Post
That's the same risk they already run when they hang people on cables out of helicopter. There's always a risk with stunts. That's why they are stunts. What I'm talking about isn't much different than what they already do with planes, helicopters, and stunt people on cables. I'm just saying, add a camera and something the stunt-person can support themselves with onto that cable (maybe a "horizonal harness" or something). If James Cameron can invent "face cameras" for point-blank footage of his actors' entire facial performance as they perform various actions, then someone could invent a "cable camera" for those people who are already dangling out of helicopters/planes. Yes, you need a great pilot (though I'm not suggesting they'd go weaving in and out of buildings or something. I'm just talking about shots of a birds-eye view from afar). But they actually have great pilots specifically for these kinds of things.

I agree about Bay wasting the base-jumpers in TF3, but, ya know, that's Bay. What I'm talking about is being able to film steady, crystal clear shots just like some of those in the video posted above...but with a person instead of birds. That would be breathtaking, imo.
i agree with you to a point. STM was great for what it was, but, like the feel of the movie itself, the effects are heavily outdated today. looking back at it all, the flight effects are nothing compared to what they can do with cgi/effects today. as long as they can make it seemless, i'm all for cgi, because you just can't convey superman's true powers without it. sure, some scenes could use wires, like gentle floating/hovering and slow takeoffs, but the real POWER can only be shown through special effects.

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