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Default Re: Official Scarecrow Costume Thread

Originally Posted by Cody2575 View Post
Added stitches
Very nice!!! I might keep that in mind myself, if I can unravel some of the burlap and use that to stitch up a few strands for the eyes.

If my check comes in tomorrow I'll get some materials and take some photos of everything I'm working with. Yesterday I was looking specifically for the gray tone suit that he wears in BB, but I found this blue coat that looked alarmingly similar to Crane's coat in the opening of TDK; and I found a pair of pants that match the color fairly enough. Wish I could have found a 2 piece suit. But it should work fairly well, and that's the approach I intend to make next.

So far I have the dress clothes and shoes (I've had my dress black shoes for years and they look close enough); I'll keep an eye out to find the right beige/brown/tan striped shirt and the right brown tie as well. I managed to find a couple of photos that really helped me out.

I'll have to find another image capture program and save the other photo I found; it's big and gives you detail patterns on the tie.

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