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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

Originally Posted by Godzilla2000 View Post
You know, I have been watching some Loki tribute videos on Youtube and I did see that tear many have been talking about when Loki stabs Thor and it got me thinking a pretty gut wrenching thought. I was thinking how in Loki's lifetime no one except for maybe Thor, Odin and Frigga have shed a tear for him and his hidden pain. Hypothetically speaking to have most Asgardians he knows either despise him for his difference or be jealous of his stature or to constantly be reminded of mistakes he's made in the past that he's genuinely sorry for must be another source of immeasurably deep personal pain for him. With all those people around him just tolerating him at best because he's a prince of Asgard he must feel completely lonely not having anyone besides his adopted mother bothering to understand his uniqueness. It's almost like in the MCU Frigga has really been his only accepted true friend. To think of that aspect of the character, it brings a tear to my eye.
Yes, that's a good point.

Along the same lines: earlier in the film (going from memory, so this might be a little inacurate), Thor says something to the effect that Loki was believed to be dead. Loki says, "Did you mourn me, brother?" Thor replies, "We all did." A blogger observed, and I agree, that this is a bit of a dodge on Thor's part, though maybe he meant to convey a broader base of affection toward Loki. Thor doesn't answer Loki's question. With Loki in the frame of mind that Godzilla2000 describes, he would take that to be a "no".

BTW, Rene Russo has commented that Loki needs his mom, so she hoped they'll show that in the next film. So that would fit in with this element too.

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