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Default Re: Batman: Earth One

Originally Posted by Rincewind View Post
I got it and read it today. I really liked it. The idea to show Batman as young and inexperienced crimefighter is a refreshing one when we're so used to see him pull off nearly impossible things. I like how he had trouble taking down Penguin's thugs, how he barely managed to defeat the random serial killer and so on.

The art is great. It shows a modernized but very much recognizable vision of Batman and Gotham.

Overall, I like how they build this new world. Some things struck me as a bit weird like Bruce being half an Arkham or Harvey Dent being a sort of a bully as a kid but as a whole the thing works well. Aside from Aflred and Bullock, most of the characters aren't changed dramatically.

As a whole, I liked it. I can't wait for the next one. And think about it... if this Batman had a rough time with the Penguin, imagine him against this world's Joker or Bane? If they get this thing rolling it could make for a very entertaining series where Batsy actually might have a very tough time.
He was just starting out, he'll get better over time.

How do you guys think Dick Grayson will come along in this universe? Batgirl will probably come first like in The Batman but Dick will have to be introduced eventually.

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