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Default Re: The Official Michael Shannon IS General Zod - Part 3

Originally Posted by Rust View Post
I dunno, maybe Lex somehow creating a wormhole or a portal to access the PZ. Or that "alien" invasion he stages in Birthright. Maybe that'd be a bit of a stretch even for a billionaire.
I like Lex being able to do things like that. It makes it believable that he would be able to do things like generating a clone using Superman's DNA, creating Metallo, building a battlesuit using a fragment of Brainiac's technology, etc. I really want them to go all out for the world's smartest man. Besides, the alien invasion was just holographic technology with some actual mercenaries dressed like Kryptonians thrown in. I think he could afford that, especially when the technology was from Lexcorp to begin with. But I don't like the idea of him staging an invasion anyway... I'd have Darkseid invade Earth in the third movie, while Brainiac infiltrates Earth's technology(including Luthor's) in the second.

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