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Default Re: Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake VI

Originally Posted by scatterax View Post
yeah. He played the robin role during the movie and at the end it was bassically a reveal of him stepping into the nightwing/batman beyond role.
Although we will never see this on film (as nolan has other projects planned) I feel he was stepping into the Batman role.

It just seems apparent all the way through the movie. For example the way he threw away his gun, it looked like just part of the scene at the time but if it was just that - why would they bother, in a Batman movie? I just feel that it is nolan telling his story on how anyone can be the Batman. Levitt said similar himself.

Still, the signs of a Batman Beyond project are there to tease us. I just don't feel that Warner could sell a Beyond movie at this point. There aren't enough people that know who he is. Most kids will just ask for Batman and see it as a "fake".

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