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Default Re: The Official Michael Shannon IS General Zod - Part 3

I actually wonder if Zod in this film will have some sort of grand master plan that involves a device or something other than the standard, "Use my superior strength to defeat and conquer the inhabitants" of Earth approach.

From what we could see or saw from the CC Trailer, there was a shot of some kind of energy beam hitting with something, with countless debris flying around as a result. Some people initially thought that it was a shot of Krypton perhaps being destroyed, but people have been able to notice later that one of the debris shown was a school bus and other earthly looking items. Thus we're lead to potentially wonder if Zod has some type of weapon up his arsenal that he may use to aid in his assault towards Earth.

Also, those who were supposedly involved with the Chicago set have mentioned on how the scenes involving the extras running in fear and looking up in the sky was because of Zod having an actual spaceship to use as well in this film.

A part of me actually thinks that it's possible that Zod in some ways could be comparable to the likes of "Nero" from the recent Star Trek film in terms of characterization, mentality, and even usage of Alien technology.

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