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Default Re: The Official Michael Shannon IS General Zod - Part 3

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
Well, as long as the advanced technology fits within our world, for instance, we see it created, or we know that it came from space, that works just fine. But if some human inventor takes human science and makes something ridiculously superhuman in a limited amount of time, it's going to be a turn off for me, it's going to be cartoony. Stark is making armor and power sources, things we have, he just makes them better. Lex can do stuff like that and not be cartoony to me, but if he starts making homemade phantom zone projectors and teleportation devices and mind control machines, it's going to be whack. If, like the portal with the Tesseract (SHIELD didn't generate that by the way, it was cool that they couldn't understand it fully), Lex takes something alien (ie Superman's DNA, Zod's tech) or whatever and improves on it (Bizzaro, Metallo, etc), that's cool. That makes sense.
But why shouldn't he be able to create something like a teleportation machine? It's something that we're already working on in reality. I understand what you mean by improving already existing technology, and I agree, but something like teleportation should be possible in this universe. Although the homemade phantom zone projector and mind control machine would be lame imo...The MCU will soon have a man that uses a combination of technology and particles to shrink himself; DC needs to start with a bang, because they have a lot of ground to cover scientifically. Since Emil Hamilton will be in MoS, I'm hoping for S.T.A.R. Labs to make an appearance and show off some advanced technology.

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