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Default Re: Could the Joker and Bane work together?

Bane would work with Joker if it needs to happen to further his goal. Perhaps use the Joker to pour more gasoline in the burning, rising fire that is society, which the Joker would happily comply to. Bane, being the not dumb guy that he is, would know that the Joker is only giving off the appearance of being content to play second fiddle to him, hence why he will surely have made preparations to contain the Joker after a certain time. The Joker, being the also not dumb, charismatic, adorable creature that he is, would surely know that Bane knows that he plays second to know one, and would obviously have made plans to counter Bane's plan. Bane, being not dumb, would realize that the Joker knows that he plans to contain him and has likely made counter plans, would change his first plan as a trap to lure Joker in and make him think he has outsmarted Bane. But the Joker surely knows Bane would try this?

I think it'll all come down to who can reach the top of the layers and layers of plans and counter plans and red herrings first.

My money's on the Joker.

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