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Default Re: Thor Pulling Out The Big Guns

Originally Posted by Lady Marion View Post
I voted for warriors madness. While fighting the frost giants he looked already mad sometimes, so I ask, what's next? A lightning charged hammer throw would be also cool to see, and I assume that we'll get to see huge storms after the tornado from Part one.
Nah he was more excited than mad in the Frost Giant battle, Warrior's Madness is when Thor COMPLETELY looses his mind.

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
Well, wherever Thor ends up going unleashed, it'll most likely be in a deserted area since I don't think they'll have Thor unleashing his entire arsenal when there's innocent people around him...probably why they didn't have him doing some of his bigger set of moves in the Avengers due to the NYC Populace and his teammates being there.

If there's one thing that seems to be a factor for Thor is that there's always something that'll be holding him back at one point in the film from using his complete arsenal..whether it be him not wanting to hurt the people around him or killing his given foe not being his intended goal (Hulk or Loki)
Yeah and I'm sick of all that jazz, so I hope Thor fights Kurse in a deserted area so he can really cut loose.

Originally Posted by Bren View Post
I can't view poll (on cellphone), so I'll mention wanting him to;

1. Be surrounded in lightning, and especially coming from his eyes - think this would be a great visual.

2. Purposely put Mjolnir down and show whoever that HE'S the Boss.

3. Single-handedly save the heli-carrier (opportunity lost I think).

4. Something similar to Superman and his tornado scene in Superman vs the Elite. Would be considered copycat, but how many actually saw that dtv?

5. Yes, portals.

6. I wouldn't mind a mountain range being created by he and Kurse having a throw down, but understand I may be going a little overboard hehehehe!
Hell yes to all of this, especially the parts in bold.

Don't forget to vote for the ABOMINATION Vs SCARLET WITCH fight

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