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Default Re: The Official Michael Shannon IS General Zod - Part 3

Originally Posted by moviedoors View Post
Working on it =/= Plausible within our lifetimes.

There are geniuses here in the real world too. They haven't figured it out.
It doesn't have to be plausible "within our lifetime". Geniuses are working on a lot of things that sci-fi movies have already made possible. My point is that Lex Luthor should be the one to discover how to do so, because he's the smartest man on the planet in the DC Universe when it comes to technology. It's not meant to take place in our world, but in the DC Universe. These are comic-book movies, with science that is more advanced than what he have in reality. If you can't expand your imagination and tolerate a comic-book movie with that type of science, then you don't need to be watching these movies. Simple.

Just like in the Marvel Universe, once again. We don't have the technology to shrink ourselves or objects, and yet we'll have to accept that a man can do so when 2014 comes along. In reality, something like the Hulk wouldn't be possible... yet he exists in that universe. None of these things are plausible or possible at this time, yet that doesn't hold them back from being included in these movies. The DC film universe should follow a similar path.

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