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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXX

Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
To act like Arkham got it better or worse than Nolan is laughable.

Arkham City's Talia is ten times better than Nolan's version, and anyone who actually cares about the character would agree, IMO. However, to say the Bane in the Arkham games is better than Nolan's Bane is flat out ridiculous.

And I'll say this for the Batman in the video games...while he was supposedly invincible, its no worse than a Batman who's villains were mostly a step ahead of him until the last minute, like in the last two Nolan films.
She seemed like she was pretty close to Grant Morrisons current take on her,ofcourse she was nothing like classic Talia.Whether that's good or bad I dunno but classic Talia makes me think of Bella Swan.

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