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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXIX

Originally Posted by Travesty View Post
You can still have a better/more accurate portrayal in something, without the story being the best in the world. It happens in the comics all the time.

And I think Bane has been portrayed MUCH better in the comics and animation.
You mean in TAS where he was initially just a stereotypical luchadore with a laughable costume,fighting style and accent? while they did improve him later on in that universe he was still nothing more than just any other guy whom Batman had to pulverize.No interesting backstory,personality, presence etc.Or are you referring to "the Batman version" where he was just a crappy Hulk ripoff? same goes for Brave and the Bold.He was a pushover in Young Justice and JL Doom so how exactly is he so great in animation?

Ofcourse the comics Bane is better duh,but even comics Bane has had hiccoughs,I mean take a look at his new-52 version from the Dark Knight series.

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