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Default Re: Wolverine's Mask

in that case project, lets put Batman in a ski mask, cause that is more realistic, certainly Bruce wouldn't wear a bat cowl in real life. I say screw his Iconic look and lets put him in a black swat uniform, shoot and Spidey for that matter, and Superman would never wear red and blue form fitting anything, blue jeans and a Tee for him, all these things are no more ridiculous than putting Wolverine in one of his Icon costume, It only matters that it aint yellow and blue,I repeat NO YELLOW AND BLUE. they all have the same elements the mask is the same no matter the color the basic design is present in them all as well, tone them down if you must but don't remove them entirely for reality sake or we could have a bunch boring looking superhero movies if they applied your thinking to the rest of them.

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