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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXIX

Originally Posted by Travesty View Post
Obviously, you don't like Bane's characterization, aside from Nolan's.
So what exactly am I supposed to like about the Arkham,Brave and the Bold and The Batman versions of Bane?

TAS Bane was laughable in his debut,watch his fight with Bruce.They were using clothlines,irish whips,dominators and Leg scissors.

They improved him later on but he still just a simple minded thug,same goes for JL Doom.

Young Justice Bane was a pushover.

So yeah Nolan's Bane wins cause they managed to incorporate many aspects of the character from the comics.

We got Knightfall(breaking the Bat,taking over Gotham)
Bane of the Demon/Legacy(wanting to lead the League and continue Ra's legacy)
Secret Six(his relationship with Talia was reminiscent of his relationship with Scandal Savage)
He was raised in a prison,presented himself as a revolutionary(the people of Santa Prisca view him similarly)

Nolan's Bane was the MOST accurate Bane and dare I say more closer to the source material than any other character in the trilogy.

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