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Default Re: Timeline of Nolan's trilogy.

Originally Posted by Binker View Post
I just do it like this:
Pre-Year 22 - Bruce Wayne develops fear of bats; Waynes murdered, age 8
Pre-Year 7 - Bruce Wayne Missing, age 23
Year 1 - Batman Begins; Bruce Wayne, age 30
Year 2 - The Dark Knight; Bruce Wayne, age 31
Year 8 - The Dark Knight Rises; Bruce Wayne, age 39
Sounds right to me

Originally Posted by Alex Logan View Post
*sigh... There's always gotta be one.
One what? One who doesn't agree with your opinion? You poor thing

No... it doesn't. The Joker's line doesn't confirm or deny anything.
Yes it does. It confirms a year ago that Cops and Lawyers wouldn't dare cross them. In Batman Begins, Rachel and Finch went after the mob with the evidence Batman gave them. Dent went after Maroni in court in TDK. Gordon went after the mob's money using marked bills.

A year ago none of that was happening.

Yeah, so? This doesn't confirm or deny anything either.
Yes it does. What kind of logic have you got to offer to explain Joker spent 3 years committing armed robberies before he decided to approach the mob.

Do you really think Batman and Gordon spent three years dismissing Joker's antics as something that can wait while they spend 3 years doing what?

I don't expect you to believe anything. You're forgetting that Maroni didn't even consider him a threat until he walked into thier meeting. Even Batman wasn't concrened about him.
Yes, because he was still relatively new to Gotham. He was still just that same colorful armed robber he was at the end of Begins.

You're asking us to believe he spent three whole years doing robberies before approaching the mob lol.

I've given you clear evidence that it take place 3 years after Batman Begins. Where are your facts? Points of Reference?
What evidence have you given?

You're forgetting Rachel, she could have easily stood in for the DA.
She probably did in the interim brief period between Finch's death and Dent being elected. But you're saying it took Gotham 3 years to get a new D.A.? You're trying to say Rachel was a stand in for 3 years and then stepped down?

Come on, Alex, talk some sense here.

How do you know how long it took to rebuild Wayne Manor? There's no way you could.
Common sense. Bruce Wayne is rich. He can buy the best. What kind of cowboy construction crew do you think he hired that would take three years just to rebuild a mansion?

I've done the research, I have sold facts and I know what I'm talking about. What do you have? Nothing but speculation. You can believe whatever you want, clearly nothing I say is going change your mind. Maybe you should go read the work I've done on the first timeline before jumping all over me.
What facts? You've given nothing except a date you spotted on footage Bruce was watching on Joker's bank robbery footage. How does that support your claims that Begins was three years before this?

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