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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
Yes, that's a good point.

Along the same lines: earlier in the film (going from memory, so this might be a little inacurate), Thor says something to the effect that Loki was believed to be dead. Loki says, "Did you mourn me, brother?" Thor replies, "We all did." A blogger observed, and I agree, that this is a bit of a dodge on Thor's part, though maybe he meant to convey a broader base of affection toward Loki. Thor doesn't answer Loki's question. With Loki in the frame of mind that Godzilla2000 describes, he would take that to be a "no".

BTW, Rene Russo has commented that Loki needs his mom, so she hoped they'll show that in the next film. So that would fit in with this element too.
Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
I think Thor genuinely mourned the loss of his brother. (And I think he sincerely meant to convey that there was broad grief over Loki's loss). But I think his reply would tend not to reassure his brother because it sounds like a dodge.

Now, I read that blog entry more recently than I have seen the movie. Once the film becomes available via Netflix, I intend to watch it again. So maybe on a second viewing I will see it differently.
Second? Well I have seen the film over 9 times, I have it. I don't think it was a dodge. Unless, you mean Loki took the intention of it wrong? If that is what you mean, then I agree with you. Thor meant that there was a larger mourning than just himself, but Loki may have taken it as a dodge, because he thought Thor didn't want to tell him he didn't mourn?

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