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Default Re: Timeline of Nolan's trilogy.

I mean, when you have both sides making valid points that conflict, you can either believe the story told through dialogue or the dates made by pd. I know which one I'd believe over the other, but once again would argue that the dates are trivial and would not add to the films either way.

Also, when both dates Alex talks about happen to coincide with the years of release of each film, making it more likely that pd didn't check the specificity of the stories' dates since 99% of people won't see it.

The dialogue, however, is king to storytelling, and does seem to make it clear that the mob had been ineffective for about a year, most likely coinciding with the initial rise of the batman. What other evidence is there to account for the extra two years that you, Alex, claim to have passed other than a date on a paper?

Like I said, ultimately I'd like you to be right, because it would like him to be batman for more than a year, but I just don't see it. Would love to see more evidence to the contrary if you've got it, because a date on a prop that could easily be born out of inattentiveness is not proof of anything. If we're using that, I'd say the 'real' timeline should be around bb 2005, Tdk 2006, tdkr 2014.

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