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Default Re: Who would you let Joss Whedon kill in Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by cleverusername8 View Post
I don't think the general audience has enough reason to care about Hawkeye for Whedon to kill him off with sufficient emotional effect. Likewise, the new characters that come with Phase II probably wouldn't be as meaningful either.

To these points I say either Nick Fury or Hulk.

Fury has been there from the beginning and as others have said, he is the reason why the Avengers are together in the first place making him a symbol. Killing him off would be like burning the flag of the superheroes. SHIELD would temporarily fall to pieces and the heroes would be impacted as well.

Hulk would also work because the general audience went crazy over him. Aside from that, he is the one that would probably stand the best chance against Thanos out of the original six. Having him die first would show howuch Thanos doesnt play around amd sort of take away one of the team's strongest points which would raise the stakes.
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Is it real? Or a wig? Maybe he wears a wig in the movie cause he is bald and then at the end of the movie he rips off the wig and throws it at Superman.
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