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Default Re: the ideal Superman suit

My ideal Superman suit? It would be separated into a shirt and pants, as to be able to fold, and he would then be able to wear loose fitting shirts, without someone seeing the cloth underneath. The cape, slightly shorter than those of before suits(almost as though made for a child, which in my eyes is what superman should come across as), would fold into a small backpack, not able to be seen under his clothes. It would be made out of Kryptonian battle armor, which would mean it would be the closest thing to indestructible without being, well, made out of a kryptonian. As far as design goes, I think it would be a long blue shirt, with grey shoulders, and the classic symbol, only with black instead of yellow. Take the belt from the Zack Snyder suit, and have the sides, glutes and groin red. This would be a shot at the red trunks, while still looking cool. The boots would be almost like gogo boots, slender, yet looking like they could tear your eyeballs out. They'd also have golden buckles, and the soles would be black. He would also have fingerless gloves, again with buckles. Like Superboy, he'd have polarized glasses, because there aren't enough idiots in the world to think that Clark Kent and the Man of Steel don't look the tiniest bit alike. Also, some input: what if he got his powers in a whole new way? Like, what if Krypton had developed genetic engineering, it wasn't ready for human testing, but Jor-El did it, and sent the result to Earth just so they wouldn't have proof against him? Then, the krypton guard would send people like Bizarro, Parasite, Metallo, maybe even Dark Seid after him? That would also explain the terrible writing for power girl, super boy and super girl; it became legal, and they sent them in hopes of spreading the knowledge(which, because of us humans being morons, we consider it as a plan of attack). And just to clarify: stick to the basic powers:P Flight, indestructibility, strength, x ray and laser vison, hyper breath and kryptonite coma. Got it?

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