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Default Re: Timeline of Nolan's trilogy.

I was reading the art and the making of TDK trilogy, and Nolan makes mention of Bruce having a 5 year plan to try and clean Gotham up. So I thought about it, and it makes sense that it would take a little while to get the mob in a corner, and then for Dent to rise up and join him and Gordon on there mission. But I have debunked that because would it really take Bruce over 5 years to rebuild Wayne Manor? And not only that, but it wouldn't have taken 5 years for Batman to finally square off with the Joker.

But it really couldn't have been just a year between BB and TDK. It had to have been a few years of Batman fighting the mob and perhaps even a few more mob oriented freaks, Penguin or Black Mask come to mind. Hell, in the Gotham Knight series Batman faced Dead Shot and Killer Croc. Is Gotham Knight considered canon?

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