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Default Re: Could the Joker and Bane work together?

Originally Posted by Omegabat View Post
In order to use someone you have to know their motives,Bane's true motives were known to Bruce only,the rest Gotham either did'nt know or was in confusion(due to Bane presenting himself as revolutionary).Joker does'nt know about Talia either.So how's Joker gonna use Bane?

Joker wants destruction,Bane lets him have free reign and when the time is right he disposes the clown.
And so by that theory of 'using motives' we know the joker was/is motiveless so how can he be used by Bane?? And the same goes for the joker, gotham hadn't got a clue nor Batman as to what he was about to do from one moment to the next. Bane just capitalised on what the Joker had already done to Batman pyschologically from the dark knight. As for Talia, i'm sure there would be plenty that Bane didn't know about the Joker that he could use against him.

Joker has a plan, Bane does too, he thinks he's in control, Joker turns it on it's head Joker disposes of Bane.

Think we may have to agree to disagree here

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