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Default Re: Could the Joker and Bane work together?

Originally Posted by Omegabat View Post
What does that have to do with anything?

Joker DOES have a motive and it's spreading chaos,he made it clear to Batman,the police and Gotham's people.Hell Alfred deduced it right off the bat"some men just wanna watch the world burn".Bane's revolution is the fire while Joker is the fuel.Joker will thrive in Bane's Gotham,he will not see Bane as a threat especially since Bane made no mention of crippling the Batman(had he done that then yeah the Joker would have considered Bane enemy no 1 for spoiling his fun).Simply put Bane is deception at it's finest and that deception will prove to be the Jokers undoing.

Bane's plan was blowing Gotham with the nuke which was set to detonate regardless of the trigger man,what exactly is the Joker supposed to do again?

Any direct confrontation will not end well for the Joker,he cannot hire better or more loyal men,he does not have comparable resources and everyone knows he's crazy.Things aint looking good for him against Bane.
See this is why I said lets just agree to disagree, because this kind of thing just makes us look foolish. We are essentially disaggreeing over something that won't happen anyways. I think the Joker wouldn't be a match to Bane but is far more deceptive and imaginative, in his way of dealing out chaos, where Bane is more militaristic, like stealing a nuke (textbook badguy idea) of course Bane would defeat joker one on one, just like Batman can/does, but it's about the way jokers plans play out, that are the key. And again I disagree that Joker would 'thrive' in Banes gotham, where he is unable to do much as everyones on lockdown. And this is really where it can get silly; but you say he has no allies but whos to say he hasn't got a Harley Quinn, etc in the 8 years, lets just disagree.

And to get back on topic again, I don't think Joker and Bane could work together.

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