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Default Re: Avengers Assembled: News and Speculation - - - Part 69

No, I think on these forums, whenever someone has an opinion that is particularly strong or extreme, if they DON'T back it up with any real reasoning, a lot of the time they're trolling. It's an unfortunate truth on the Hype.

However, I would like to have a discussion about it so Lorus, I'm curious as to your rationale, particularly with shows like Dollhouse that I think are bigger weaknesses of Whedon's.

I'll start with my reasons why I think Avengers was one of his best, because he managed to perfectly bridge the mediums of comic and film by using all the same skills and writing tools he has utilised in his years of comic writing and managed to make it work on screen. He managed to juggle 5 or more big characters, included some great character moments, some of which are that particular characters greatest moments in any non-comic medium as well as delivering an amazing action finale.

Discuss? :P

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