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Default Re: Could the Joker and Bane work together?

Originally Posted by uniqueweasel View Post
See this is why I said lets just agree to disagree, because this kind of thing just makes us look foolish. We are essentially disaggreeing over something that won't happen anyways. I think the Joker wouldn't be a match to Bane but is far more deceptive and imaginative, in his way of dealing out chaos, where Bane is more militaristic, like stealing a nuke (textbook badguy idea) of course Bane would defeat joker one on one, just like Batman can/does, but it's about the way jokers plans play out, that are the key. And again I disagree that Joker would 'thrive' in Banes gotham, where he is unable to do much as everyones on lockdown. And this is really where it can get silly; but you say he has no allies but whos to say he hasn't got a Harley Quinn, etc in the 8 years, lets just disagree.

And to get back on topic again, I don't think Joker and Bane could work together.
Ok man but no there's no Harley,dont see how she'd make a difference anyway lol

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