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The Batman must come back
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Default Re: IM3 Official Caption thread

hehehehe, Superman must know he´ll eventually get back to Lois. One of the pics don´t show, though.

SUPERMAN: So, we´ll be competing at the BO next year!
IRON MAN: "Competing" is a strong word. I have a well-established franchise and just appeared in a billion-dollar-plus movie, you´re doing a desperate second attempt at a reboot after the first one disappointed the fans.
SUPERMAN: Damn Tony, you get really nasty when you drink.
TONY: I´m sober.
SUPERMAN: Go to hell.


"Sometimes, people deserve more. Sometimes, they deserve to have their faith rewarded." So, thank you for rewarding mine, Mr. Nolan.

This article should be mandatory reading before people argue about movies on the internet:
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