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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXIX

Originally Posted by Omegabat View Post
You can disagree all you want,he said that he was born in the darkness and seeing that if he could help Talia escape then he could most certainly do it himself.He was looking for Ra's acceptance to prove himself worthy.Is'nt that kinda his comics motivation? it's a twist but in essence is the same thing.
But he didn't escape on his own, hell, he was never a ruler or king in prison, instead, he got beat down so bad, that he was subject to having some sort of anesthetic being pumped into him, because he couldn't fight.

The original venom compound was created years before Bane made his debut,in Knightfall the only thing venom did was serve as a plot device that ensured Bane's defeat after Knightfall he swore himself off it.He did'nt need it when he broke Bruce's back,he did'nt need it when he killed Film Freak,did'nt need it when he broke classic Croc's arm and did'nt need it when he snapped someone's neck with one hand.TDKR version of venom did EXACTLY what the venom did,it served as a weakness that led to his defeat.
For the record the original venom (which appeared before Bane) made the user unable to feel pain
Yes, I know it appeared in Batman:Venom, I still have my original copies from when I was a kid, but I don't know why you keep trying to gloat about knowing that? And the Venom has always been told to be a super serum/steroid, not an anesthetic like Bane had in TDKR.

Who cares if he did'nt resemble him? especially when the costume was a million times better,cooler and more practical.Also Bane has worn a some what similar attire in Birds of Prey.
That's fine if you like it, but it doesn't help reinforce that this is close to the Bane counterpart, when he already lacks the characteristics, let alone the aesthetics.

Harvey did'nt have a dual personality and he's only more accurate than Catwoman and Joker because unlike the other 2 you can find little references to the comics(or atleast moreso than them).But yeah as the other user correctly stated Joker,Catwoman and Gordon are indeed the most accurate characters out there overall.
Harvey most certainly did have a dual personality in TDK. His nickname around the office was "Harvey Two-Face". Plus, we saw his bad side when he kidnapped Thomas Schiff because he threatened Rachel. Even Batman got scared and had to tell him to stop.

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