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Default Re: X-Men:Days of future Past Speculation

my take on the whole days of futures past to keep continuity with previous x men films would be this: what if the event that creates the sentinel filled future was phoenix killing mutants and humans alike in alcatraz island? Yes at the end of the last stand we have peaceful coexistence but a few years later a scientist and the friends of humanity decide to declare war on what mutants from the future like bishop try to stop its the birth of the phoenix, travel back in time to prevent the birth of jean grey!!!!! While x men from the future travel back in time to protect her ,this mutants have already been born by this period which om thinking beast and storm would be a good option to travel back...something similar to what we saw in the xmen cartoon eposode a mans worth they believe that instead of killing jean they should prevent charles form putting the mental blocks that way she wont become the phoenix...mental blocksal personality..what do you guys think?

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