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Default Re: Ms. Marvel in the works? - Part 1

Originally Posted by KangConquers View Post
Exactly. Ms. Marvel literally has made it three volumes without establishing an actual raogues gallery. They just throw random threats at her so she can run around looking like this:

and in typical "Women in refrigerators" tradition, fall into convenient bondage situations, and situations where she's violated or abused mentally or physically.
Although I agree with every point you make, the Guardians don't really have a rogues gallery either - they just fought a handful of the cosmic villains like, once a piece in their 25 issue book. Marvel isn't just translating their comics to the screen, in many ways they're improving upon them, streamlining stuff that needs to be and building as they go. Ms Capt Marvel has a ton of potential and some good stuff to build off, someone just needs to sit down and actually build those pieces into a cohesive whole.

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