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Default Re: Ms. Marvel in the works? - Part 1

Originally Posted by KangConquers View Post
Why does everyone have to take a shot at GOTG every time I make a point just because I have a Raccoon in my Avatar...(though I admit, GOTG just fought Adam Warlock's rogues.)

I want Ms. Captain to succeed, they just have a lot of work to do. Since becoming a Superhero in 1977, she's been raped, depowered, become an alcoholic, made a fool of herself, court marshaled for criminal endangerment....

They tried to make her a major player in 2005-2009, but she kind of just wound up as Tony's side kick with enormous hooters and butt cheeks hanging out vs a character with her own niche.

They either need to work really fast, or come up with original material to make her a character who can stand on her own in a solo film.
I think her origin as it relates to the Kree (Mar-Vell, Ronan, etc.) can be pretty good material for a solo film (as well as lead-in for Avengers-related stuff), and some people have brought up her personal struggles with her parentage as a potentially intriguing character hook for a superhero. We've also discussed the idea of her niche being the human liaison between Earth and the cosmic side of the MCU, especially if she were to work for SWORD, a la A:EMH. Unfortunately, Peter Quill might very well be filling that niche instead.

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