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Default Re: Which Comic Book Hero will rain Supreme next year?

Box office-wise, IM3 easily, I think it'll easily cross $800m WW.
Thor 2 likely second with over $600m WW
Supes I think will settle around $500m but could also surpass Thor if it's a great film.
Wolverine - $400 - $500m.

My reasoning, both IM3 and Thor2 are coming off the Avengers high, they're very popular right now. So looking at previous BO - $623m (not in 3D) + $449m (practically unknown character) respectively) it's only going up from there.

Both Superman & Wolverine are in the opposite boat to IM & Thor. They both have to turn the tide that is the GA's perception of them because of previous films + in Supes case he's generally perceived as lame (before someone says "he's the most well known/best/first hero...!!", yes he's known world wide, but 'well known' and 'popular' aren't the same thing, Supes isn't popular. The film can change that, so we'll see)
However no X-Men film has done more than $460m WW and Superman has more potential for big spectacle (especially with Snyder's eye).

Quality wise, I think there's potential for high quality across the board, which is obviously awesome but I do think IM3 stands the best chance of being great with Shane Black writing/directing (with Favreau & Whedon in reserve along with the MS crew in general).

After that I think Thor 2 is most solid, Taylor & Rodat and again MS just seem to have their s*** together.

Wolverine I'm cautiously optimistic about after X:FC, Fox seem to have turned a bit of a corner but you never know.

MoS I'm most leary about. Goyer & Snyder both have very spotty records. If the script is great then Snyder will deliver, but Goyer seems to have sole screenplay credit (with C Nolan getting a story credit), hopefully either Goyer pulls something spectacular out of his ass or J Nolan script doctored.

Fingers crossed.

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