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Default Re: "You ready for another Bout?"- The Thor/Chris Hemsworth Thread

Speaking of battle scenes, I really hope that with a director from Game of Thrones on board, that the action scenes involving Thor feel more...Idk...more intense and gritty, in a similar manner to how Peter Jackson had his characters fighting Orcs..where it isn't R Rated Stuff that we're seeing, but something that feels more fluid.

This could range from not only a more realistic setting for Thor to fight in, but using more practical effects when applying some of Thor's abilities on screen as he's fighting.

I swear, whenever I watch the battle with the Frost Giants, my mind is at times taken out of it because I can always tell that the background/setting that they're on is a sound stage due to how fake the cliffs looked...and some of the bad CGI in the town stuff with Thor against the Destroyer with how they did him spinning his hammer at it while flying inside of a Tornado were less than stellar effects.

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