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Default Re: Ms. Marvel in the works? - Part 1

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
She is, even her powers lend towards dealing with cosmic energies and stuff. She has all the connections... man.

Hmmm... "Girls can do it too." That has some potential, and it's really what she's kinda there for/doing anyway. Especially if she actually does it, and becomes someone who's more than just a girl hero, but a super duper alien enforcer par excellance.

Hmmm... that's cool for her own film... I wonder how such a take would play out in the Avengers. Would she be 'the people's Avenger?' Because that, and representing the human spirit, is kinda what Cap does in spades.

Hmmm... I'll think on this, come back to it later.
A great thing to try to do with Carol would be make her face heavy adversity without...being raped, depowered etc. To have her own place in the Avengers, she'd probably have to be somwhere between Tony and Cap. More of Cap's spirit, but with some of Tony's flaws. If they can do that, then she has a niche in the team.

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