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Default Re: Is Superman A Jesus Metaphor?

Originally Posted by SuperFerret View Post
1. Superman started in the Golden Age.
2. Superman has always had religious undertones. Look at his origin.
3. Superman being Christ-like has never undermined a need for a Justice League.
4. Superman's alien aspect is directly tied to the Christ metaphor.

I don't even understand where you're getting your ideas from, let alone how you were a fan of Superman's without seeing this stuff.
I actually meant Silver Age and not Golden Age, which I have corrected. Also, I understand that Superman has always had religious undertones in which was not one of the issues I have stated. When I said that by making Superman "Jesus-like", there would be no need for the justice League, I was referring to Superman being all powerful and having the ability to solve most of the world's problem on his own. Being Jesus-like and being Christ-like have two different meanings to me. When someone is Christ-like, that is when you do the positive this as Jesus did. Being Jesus-like is like being a like Jesus in every aspect. Having a Christ-like personality and having that positive hopeful attitude IS what Superman is about. That is something that cannot be denied. Yes, I know that Superman's and Jesus' origin are similar, which is fine, yet again that was not an issue that I have stated.

My issue is with Superman being portrayed as either the second coming of Jesus, a replacement or "The Chosen One". Like some of those that mentioned jokingly Jor-el must be God etc., that is what the situation leads to unfortunately. Like I said...
"I didn't like him being depicted as being 'The Savior' ".
If you still cannot understand, then there is nothing else I can help you with.

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