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Default Re: Wolverine's Mask

You take good writers and you can get away with making a good movie with the costumes, and as far as why wear a mask, Logan looks like most people, can pass for normal I mean, so IF he is out killing people/ things, a mask makes since to me. He certainly doesn't want to be locked up, no he wouldn't kill the cops to get away, they are just doing their jobs. Tone down the colors mute them so they aren't so bright, Tan and Brown, Black and grey, don't make it spandex but some sort of tactical suit, see batman vs wolverine on youtube for example. batman being theatrical doesn't make the suit any less silly in real life, same for the rest of the ideas. Wolverine does feel pain, why not protect himself a little with a bit of Kevlar or some other government tech suit. fans want to see the iconic look on screen just like the bat fans do or supe fans, just look at some of the flack on those sites and see how intense it can be, but at least they are getting a suit, not civie supes or BATS.

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