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Default Re: Ms. Marvel in the works? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Chewy View Post
Yeah, "Earth's liaison to space" is kind of a daunting title. You can write a good story about a screw-up, an error in judgement, and having to put herself back together and overcome it. Without resorting to her being raped or stuffed in a fridge
I think it'd be interesting if her screw up was doing it the 'right' way, where she does things like any good pilot or intelligence officer would do, and that doesn't work on this level. It requires a personal touch and some unorthodoxy to deal with these things.

Originally Posted by spideymouse View Post
That's a good point about Cap. But perhaps there's room for both. Cap is certainly "the people's Avenger," representing the little guy. Carol could be "the planet's Avenger," defending Earth's (and its inhabitants') very right to exist. Of course, that does overlap a bit with both Cap and Thor, but oh well. Still more of a role than token female.

I like the idea of Ms./Capt. Marvel actually having some authority on certain matters, as well as a contrasting leadership style from Cap's. The greatest of leaders have consultants/confidants regarding the areas in life in which they themselves do not have an expertise (see: Captain Kirk with Spock and Bones, and even Scotty at times). I could see Cap respecting Carol's knowledge/experience enough to delegate some responsibility/defer to her--and in doing so, the rest of the team (even the supergeniuses) would follow his lead.
Yeah, I think that putting females as a balance between two males limits them, they can't do too much at all because they can't overlap the male co-stars. She needs her very own thing, I think.

I think authority might be on the right track, if the Avengers break off from SHIELD, as they very well might, she could be the one Avenger that still is SHIELD, and is the Liason to the Avengers, and represents their authority and interests. Which has the danger of making her an obstructive bureaucrat, but also gives her a lot of exposition dialogue and she can still become cool anyway.

Edit: Expanding on this idea, Liason/Mediator could very well be her niche. She could be the broker/peacemaker type, the one who fixes situations in a more TNG Trek-ish way. She can do that for the cosmos in her own property, she can do that between SHIELD and the Avengers in the films. Could be fun. It synchs with the idea of the more 'relational' woman, but is still prfessional. You can bring in shades of The Closer and other 'bout business female heroines.

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