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Default Re: Am i the only one that doesn't like how this is going?

Originally Posted by BullMcGiveny View Post
It isn't so much as I don't like where this is going as much as I had hoped this isn't where they were going.

I think the Winter Soldier storyline is one of the best that Marvel could do, but there's a an optimal time for time, and that was Captain America 3. It works, in my opinion, because Bucky came back at a time when his death was the status quo and Steve had accepted it.

Allegedly, the film picks up soon after the Avengers, so to Steve, Bucky has only been dead for three months or so. That's too soon.

The other reason is that a Winter Soldier movie would have to be heavily about Steve and Bucky, meaning stuff like Steve's relationship with Sharon and friendship with Sam would have to receive less emphasis than if it was another movie.

Ideally, I'd wanted Cap2 to be Steve fighting a new villain, meeting Sam and Sharon in the process and establishing him as Rogers' people in the 21st century before focusing on Steve and Bucky in the third movie.
Where are you getting your timeline info? Here's my go to timeline. It seems to fit very nicely together and the guy does/cites a lot of work:!

By this, Cap continued fighting in WWII for several (up to 11) months after Bucky "dies." Then, a year passes after Rogers is found in the ice. To Steve, Bucky has been dead for closer to 2 years. To the rest of the world, he has been dead for roughly 70. Hope that makes you feel better.

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