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Default Re: Am i the only one that doesn't like how this is going?

Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
Where are you getting your timeline info? Here's my go to timeline. It seems to fit very nicely together and the guy does/cites a lot of work:!

By this, Cap continued fighting in WWII for several (up to 11) months after Bucky "dies." Then, a year passes after Rogers is found in the ice. To Steve, Bucky has been dead for closer to 2 years. To the rest of the world, he has been dead for roughly 70. Hope that makes you feel better.
That isn't official. It doesn't mention Bucky, anyway.

Bucky falls off the train in a mission to grab Zola. When they get Zola back to HQ, he talks to Col. Philips, who debriefs the Commandos that Schmidt's offensive will launch in twenty-four hours.

That, at most, is two, three days between Bucky and Cap going MIA.

As for the modern day. I don't see any sources for why The Avengers is a year after Cap is found.

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