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Default Re: Is Superman a Jesus metaphor?

Originally Posted by Goran View Post
Not sure if this has been discussed. Sorry if that's the case!

With most of you Americans being quite conservative and very religious do you think it would be a good a idea to see Clark/Superman as a metaphor for Jesus in "MoS"... a type of messiah figure??

I got this idea while listening to Jor-Els words from the teaser trailer. It seemed very religion-themed to me. Jor-El sends his son to earth, who's raised by human parents, simple people. At some point in the comics he even dies and comes back to life shortly after. They could go the same route in a future installment. Also in the MoS teaser, Superman is confronted with the army, people seem to be afraid of him... This could be an analogy to the hatred that Jesus was confronted with.

Don't know if that'd be a good or a "dangerous" idea though... Didn't mean to offend anyone!

I don't know about Jesus but as far as I can see he certainly was always supposed as a 'metaphor' for the messiah. That's how he was intended to be and I sure hope Snyder once in his life is able to understand subtext.

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