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Default Re: Is Superman A Jesus Metaphor?

Originally Posted by SuperFerret View Post
1. Superman started in the Golden Age.
2. Superman has always had religious undertones. Look at his origin.
3. Superman being Christ-like has never undermined a need for a Justice League.
4. Superman's alien aspect is directly tied to the Christ metaphor.

I don't even understand where you're getting your ideas from, let alone how you were a fan of Superman's without seeing this stuff.
Yeah, this.

The metaphor has always been inherent in his character; you can't get away from it if you're portraying him correctly. You can play it up or down, but regardless, it'll be there.

Personally, I think it adds pathos to his character – the fact that so many people see him as a god isolates him in many ways, when he is still a man with feelings, doubts, trials, etc. He has the weight of the world on his shoulders and there's no way to shrug it off. (Which is Christ-like in and of itself, of course.)

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