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Default Re: Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake VI

A symbol of hope, something elemental, something terrifying. You answered your own question. The bat signal, the bat 'symbol' can still be used even if Blake is Nightwing, etc. The actual cowl doesnt HAVE to be used to achieve this goal. Fear into criminals, hope on the streets, thats it.

He used the bat because he had a connection with it. Maybe blake uses something that has a connection to his past.

Yeah, he could be Batman years down the line, but not for a very long time because ppl think he's dead and it would lose meaning to run out as the Batman right after that. it would have to be several years later. He also needs training to be him. That's why people like the idea of Nightwing because he can do things his own way. Blake says in the movie he doesnt want to hide himself as much.

I didnt mean the exact suit either. But it seems like ur saying he has to dress as Batman one way or the other. Like Batman Beyond, a new suit or something. But the symbol of the bat can be on his chest, but with a Nightwing identity lets say...and Gordon still throws up the signal in the sky to scare off criminals.

My old argument was also that, if people see a new Batman, new suit, theyll know it's a different guy cuz Batman died and they might not like it which spits all over the symbol. It could defeat the purpose. They may look at him as an imposter. But if he is his own identity, and isnt shy about it, but uses the bats as a theme, it could make people think "Here's another guy, a successor, a man inspired by the Batmans views, lets get behind him. He's carrying on the legacy". Of course there's a way to do this with a different bat-suit but years down the line i think. Gotham needs some time after Batmans death. Not just a few years either.

I think it would help the transition if he was Nightwing/Robin for quite a while, let the ppl get behind him...then he has doubts. Maybe a new threat comes into play, bigger than what he can handle because he has no training, and the people want him to be Batman. Or maybe 1other person like Gordon or something, and he doesnt think he has what it takes. He doesnt want to spit on that statue so to speak, but then he finds inspiration and becomes Batman. This could work. I just find it more logical for him to become something else either alltogether, or for a while until the people are begging for a new Batman.

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